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: 00408TEA

: Eastern Art

: scroll painting

: Chinese painting of peonies and bees with inscription and seals. Inscriptions: "Dancing in the spring breeze (舞春风) (title)", Bristol City Council, please keep this painting (英国布里斯托尔市议会惠存), present by Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress visit group ( 广州市人大友好访问团赠). Signed by Chen Yongkang (陈永康) with his seals 'Chen Yongkang (陈永康)' , 'Dan Qing Bu Zhi Lao Jiang Zhi (丹青不知老将至)' and 'Sui Yuan (随缘)'. painted at the Guangzhou Academy of Painting (写于广州画院). Dated in the summer of 2002 ( 壬午年仲夏).

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: China, Eastern Asia, Asia