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: E5285

: Militaria

: firearm

: French breech-loading military carbine converted from percussion using the 1867 'a tabatiere' (snuffbox) system (Snider principal). Round steel rifled barrel with bronze breech and hinged bronze breech block incorporating sprung firing pin and ejector. The breech block stamped with serial number 2042L. Bayonet mounting bar at muzzle. Blade fore-sight and folding rear-sight. Retained to the stock with 1 barrel band with spring retainer and sling swivel. Walnut half stock with iron furniture comprising; butt plate, rear sling swivel and trigger guard. Iron ramrod missing. Pattern percussion lock engraved 'Mre Imp.le de Chatellerault'. Retained to the stock by 2 sidenails.

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: France, Western Europe, Europe


: 1867