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: Ea8197c

: Ethnography

: photograph

: Photograph of a black ink drawing of a painted wall relief on the Eastern Side Wall and East Pier, North Building C, Great Ball Court, Chichen Itza. Made by Adela Breton 1903-1907. The image has a red watercolour background and the dado is painted in blue, red and yellow watercolour. There are three rows of warriors in various positions depicted - one lies prone with another bending over him and a third pointing at him in the lower right hand corner above dado. The dado shows a kneeling or cross legged warrior on the right hand side and the rest of the dado shows foliage and flowers. A note below the drawing reads - 'Plain stone, covered cement and paint.' Drawn from an original by Adela Breton.

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: Breton Collection

: Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, Latin America / Central America, Americas

: Given by Colonel Breton, 1923.