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: Eb430

: Ethnography

: photograph

: Mounted sepia print with oval image at centre. It shows 'Snake Dance of the Moquis, Village of Oraibii, Arizona. Aug 22nd 1898. Photo & Copyright 1899 by Ben Wittick, Gallup N.M. no 701' On an open space with a village building in the background, a line of men hoding feathers lean forwards. Each man wears a dark patterned loincloth, knee bands, mocassins, necklaces, armbands, with white paint on the back, legs and arms. Each man has feather decorations in their hair. Facing them, watching by a grass and leaf shelter, is a line of men, including achild, wearing white loincloths, dark kneebands, white paint on legs and zigzag on backs, with ?fox skins hanging at back from a belt. People are standing and sitting watching. The majority seem to be Oraibi Indian, but the pair closest to the lines of dancers are a white man and woman. On verso, stamped photographer's name: BEN WITTICK Photographer & Ethnologist CHARACTER PICTURES OF ALL THE INDIANS OF THE SOUTH-WEST, ETC Gallup, N.M.

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: Breton Collection

: Arizona, United States of America [USA], North America, Americas

: Oraibi

: Zuni

: Moki

: wittick, Benjamin

: 1899

: Snake Dance

: Arizona, United States of America [USA], North America, Americas

: Oraibi

: 1898

: Given by Colonel Breton, 1923.