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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1/1

: Photograph albums

: 1905-1945

: Five of these six albums record aspects of the military career of Brigadier H. E. Winthrop. The most significant (2001/243/1/1/2-3) are from the early part of his career and detail his WW1 service in Mesopotamia and later service as ADC to the Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab. Three later albums (2001/243/1/1/4-6) are records of individual occasions where Winthrop was involved in, or officiated at, parades and ceremonial occasions towards the later stages of his career. The first album is the childhood photograph album of Winthrop's second wife Eileen (nee Mackey).

India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Mesopotamia

: 6 volumes

: Series


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