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: 2000/084/737

: British Empire & Commonwealth

: weapon

: khanjar

: Curved knife, known as a khanjar. Curved iron blade, triple rib, rusted. Wooden hilt covered in hide at back, leather or hide and sheet silver on front. Sheet silver decorated with wire and granulations at top and bottom, hide in between embroidered with metal wire and ribbon. An elaborate fixing for the strap is tied in the middle of the sheath, with large brass rings to attach the strap. The hide strap has a small buckle, and a small pouch attached (for coins?). Collector's note: Somali / Arab, 1942 Yemen

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: British Empire & Commonwealth Museum Collection

: Wright

: Yemen, Western Asia, Asia

: Somalia, East Africa, Africa

: Arab

: Yemen or Somalia

: Yemen or Somalia

: 1942

: Transferred from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, 2012