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: Ci227

: Geological Maps & Plans

: Map

: Geological Survey England and Wales Vertical sections Sheet 48

: 7 Vertical Sections of shafts sunk in the Upper series of Coal measures. 1. Braysdown Pit 2. Upper Writhlington Pit 3. Foxcote Pit 4. Tyning Pit (Radstock) 5. Wellsway Pit (Radstock) 6. Old Grove Pit (Timsbury) 7. Fry's Bottom Pit.

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: Geological survey office

: Jul 1873

: Anstie, J

: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), Northern Europe, Europe

: Braysdown Pit, Upper Writhlington Pit, Foxcote Pit, Tyning Pit (Radstock), Wellsway Pit (Radstock), Old Grove Pit (Timsbury), Fry's Bottom Pit

: 07/1873