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: Fa558

: Foreign Archaeology

: plate

: Red figure terracotta clay fish plate with a raised pedestal base and a plate with a thick rimmed overlapping edge. There is a central concave depression which has a waved motif decoration around the central hole. The red figure decotation of the plate depicts three large fishes. Two are the same, with a complete fin along their backs and one underneath. The other fish has one fin on the back and one near its tail and underneath it. The details are painted in black and white paint. The eyes are painted with a black circle surrounded by a white circle. The bodies are decorated with lines, semi circles and dots. The design is surrounded by a repeated dotted motif around the edge of the plate. The overlapping edge has a repeated leaf design around the edge. The underside has several concentric circles and bands.

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: Italy (?)

: Greek

: Campania, Italy, Southern Europe, Europe


: Campania, Italy, Southern Europe, Europe

: Hellenistic Period