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: H4394

: World Archaeology - Egyptology

: watercolour

: 33 figures of gods with human and animal heads, in 31 columns. They are all on a yellow background, in columns headed by hieroglyphs. All of the figures have white, mummiform bodies and black faces, apart from a central figure which is black with his arms and legs free, and a small black canine. Two are in red circular cartouches (a bull head & a bird). The text is from the 'praising of Re'. From (Baedeker) room 2, on the left, upper.

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: Belzoni Collection

: Thebes (Luxor), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Valley of the Kings, Sety I's Tomb, grave KV17

: Belzoni, Senor Giovanni

: 1817-1820

: Given by Mr. C.E. Wilson, 1900.