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: H803

: Foreign Archaeology

: wine jar

: oinochoe

: Attic black figure clay oinochoe with a trefoil mouth, a globular body with short and wide neck, and a ring foot. It has a vertical band handle attached from the rim to the middle of the body. It has a black glazed surface apart from a scene painted on black figure style one side. This depicts the hunters’ return with dogs, lagobolon (the throwing stick for hunting) and their killed hare, greeted by a bearded older man. The hunter carries what may be a Scythian bow, and wears un-Greek clothing (possibly Persian, or Greek hunting attire). Details are incised and overpainted in purple. One of the dog is in white overpainted.The top of the scene has a repeated lotus buds decoration around the top. This wine jug has been attributed to Amasis, famous Greek vase painter of the second half of the 6th century BC.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Curiosity

: Greece, Southern Europe, Europe

: Greek

: 540BC circa

: Amasis Painter

: around 540 BC

: [Book] Beazley, John D. 1956. Attic black-figure vase-painters.

: Given by Lady Harding, 1889