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: H802

: Foreign Archaeology

: amphora

: Attic black figure neck-amphora, with ovoid body tapering to the disc foot. Raised fillet at the junction of body and the cylindrical neck. Echinus profile to exterior of rim, interior with concave groove, top flat. Two black glazed vertical handles on opposite sides attached from the body to the neck. The neck is decorated with reflected palmette chain, alternating red and black tongues on top of shoulder. Broad black band on lower body and rays ascending from base. Beneath handles pattern of curves and spirals ending in lotus bud and palmette.Design of main scenes is black with white and red paint for accessories. The figured scene on one side of the amphora depicts the departure of the warriors, showing 2 warriors in chariot with two horses seen from the front. The two horses turn their heads inwards. One of the men is bearded and bareheaded (the charioteer), the other wears a corinthian helmet (the warrior). The chariot is flanked by two attendants: a nude male figure holding a spear on one side and a female figure holding a spear on the other side. The other side of the vase shows three bearded men, one standing in the middle clad in a robe playing a kithara flanked by two seated figures on folding stools clad in robes holding sticks.

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: Greece, Southern Europe, Europe

: Attic

: Athens, Greece, Southern Europe, Europe


: 525-500BC

: 525-500 BC

: Given by Lady Harding, 1889