Ah, the 'Goram Fair' of the 1950s- a splendid treat of wickedness, adventures and delights for a Bristol schoolboy.

In those days I lived in the council houses tucked into the woods below Kingsweston Down. Later I was to be a youthful part of the excavations on Blaise Castle Hill (1957-1959) but Goram Fair was very special.

My little sister and I would walk up through the woods to the fairground surrounding the house. As evening set in and the sun dropped the aerial acts were [....?] - wonderful romantic music and high wire, swinging [...?], trapeze- glittering and grand.

The showmen bought wonderful pre-war freakshows- just a shilling to see the naked lady- see the headless woman- Some parents disapproved but boys would creep in under the tent flaps. Fine fairground halls of mirrors, shooting galleries, rides. Great fun.

There were cowboy shows, clowning shows, small open air entertainments- all free- perhaps you'd put a copper or two in the showman's hat?

A week later- all gone- so quiet- just memories.

(Colin Godman)