'We are a family of 3, Bryn is 8 and has been off school for 3 weeks now. We (the adults ) are both freelancers - working in theatre. I was running youth theatre sessions for the Tobacco Factory and The Egg theatre, as well as organising the development of my Early Years show, Babble, for my company Flibbertigibbet. We had a short tour confirmed, with the possibility of more dates this year. I also had an acting job booked - a short tour for Tessa Bide and Soap Soup Productions as the Giant in The Selfish Giant in Scotland and Poole over the Easter holidays. My husband is also an actor and was due to start rehearsals for a summer tour with outdoor theatre company The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company, who we have both worked for a number of times. And all this has gone. Not quite sure how things will pan out at the moment workwise....and so many of our friends in similar positions. Everything folded at such speed, that we have taken a bit of time to come to terms with it all. Theatre is such a collective experience, it will be interesting to see how the use of online content effects future theatre development.'

(Stevie Thompson, 04/04/2020)