A series of mysterious sculptures appeared during 2020- Queen Victoria near the suspension bridge, a seated lady near the cathedral, a man in a bin by the empty Colston plinth, and a man being comforted by a teddy bear on World Suicide Prevention Day. Street art needs permission if it is to stay there, so these tend to only stay for a few days at a time. In the meantime they can have a big impact.

'Since lockdown began I have gone for walks around 5am, walks which almost always include the steps by the cathedral. One morning in May I saw a beautiful statue of a woman sitting by the lamp post half way up the steps. She had appeared overnight I think and was probably created by the same artist who made the statue of Queen Victoria playing on a pipe which was reported in the Bristol Post. It was one of the most moving pieces of art I have ever seen. I came back the next day and took three photos of her. I came back the third day with a card to thank the artist ... and she had vanished.'

(Daniella Acker, 06/2020)

It was later revealed that the anonymous artist was working under the name 'Getting Up to Stuff'. 2021 work by the artist included a sculpture of cloakroom attendant Victoria Hughes on the Downs. She was known for befriending sex workers. The artist's 2018 work included small models of men packed into a slave ship shape, underneath the Colston statue when it was still on its plinth.