These pillar decorations show a priest, Pharaoh (shown twice), the gods Ptah-Sokaris and Geb, and one of the souls of Nekhen.

The 'Iunmutef' priest, wearing a leopard skin and his hair in a 'sidelock of youth', symbolises the god Horus as a child.

The falcon-headed god Ptah-Sokaris is a composite deity, embodying Ptah, the creator god and patron of craftsmen, and Sokar, ancient Memphite deity of the necropolis. He was concerned with bringing about the resurrection of the dead.

The god Geb wears his emblem of a goose on his head. He was god of the earth and associated with creation. Eggs were a symbol of renewal in many cultures.

The jackal-headed god represents a soul of Nekhen here, an ancestor of Pharaoh, not the jackal god Anubis, god of the dead. He is in a 'jubilation pose', saluting the rising sun.