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: Fa560

: Foreign Archaeology

: amphora

: Athenian black figure panathenaic, non prize amphora. It has a circular base leading into a regular body with a wide neck and the remains of a black painted rim. It has two black painted looped handles attached from the top to the body on opposite sides. The bottom third is painted black. Black-figure panel decoration on the body: on one side there is the goddess Athena with aegis (cuirass), helmet, shield, represented striding forward aggressively, brandishing her spear, flanked on either side by a Little Owl perched on a tall column. On the other side there are two boxers fighting, flanked by their 'trainers' with a thong or a taenia in their hands. On each side of the neck of the amphora there is a palmette chain in plain black gloss with red on the cordon below.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Curiosity

: Greece, Southern Europe, Europe

: Athens (?)

: Attic

: Athens, Greece, Southern Europe, Europe


: 510-500BC

: Athens, Greece, Southern Europe, Europe

: 540 - 510 BC

: [Thesis] Hodge, Eleanor. 2002. The Henry Wellcome Collection: its formation, purpose and dispersal, and the Wellcome material in the City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.