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: H807

: Foreign Archaeology

: bottle

: lekythos

: Attic black figure shoulder-lekythos (oil bottle) with disc foot, broad body leading into a narrow neck with a wide rim around the small circular opening at the top. It has a small looped handle on one side of the neck. Rim, handle and tlower part of the body are black glazed. On shoulder decoration of vertical strokes and chain of lotus. On one side of the body there is the main scene above a repeated lotus frieze, depicting Theseus killing the minotaur, flanked on either side by two female figures facing the centre scene, dressed in robes and holding vine. At their backs there are Doric columns. Details are in red overpainted

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: Greece, Southern Europe, Europe

: Attic

: Athens, Greece, Southern Europe, Europe


: 500-450BC

: 500-450BC

: Given by Lady Harding, 1889