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: H4653

: Foreign Archaeology

: vessel

: column krater

: Apulian red-figure column krater decorated with double row of dots framing each panel, band of tongues above and weavy pattern below, the neck with a garland of ivy with berries and floral motifs, rays around the rim with double row of dots on the overhang, the handle-plates with palmettes. Panel on the belly depicts a profile female head decorated with added white paint on both sides. Each head has hair dressed in a beribboned kekryphalos (hair net) with a radiate stephane (headband or diadem), curls falling at the ear, wearing a pendant earring and beaded necklace.

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: Italy, Southern Europe, Europe

: Greek

: Apulia, Italy, Southern Europe, Europe


: 325-300BC

: The Bristol Painter

: Apulia, Italy, Southern Europe, Europe

: 325-300BC

: [Book] Trendall, A.D. & Cambitoglou, Alexander. 1982. The Red-figured vases of Apulia. Volume II Late Apulian. II.

: Bequest of Mr Francis Fox Tuckett, 1930